• Music carries me immediately and directly into the mental condition
    in which the man was who composed it.

      Leo Tolstoy

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Art Management

In the beginning there were the words. Spoken and written ones: the Hungarian Radio and the printed press. I started to co-work with Balázs Fülei pianist in 2015, with several decades of cultural journalist experience behind me. Vita-Musica provides space and background for his career, helping to realize his ideas, artistic projects and performances.

Beyond the arrangement of traditional concerts, in the noblest sense of the word, we have been seeking new ways as well: opportunities when the artist finds his way to the audience not just through his musical instrument but also verbally, sharing his thoughts with them and thus involving the audience into the aura of the concerts in an even more intensive way. We have been trying to expand the limits, to find passages between activities and genres and to entwine various fields of art. Our aim is to show the very special and unusual experience of a joint performance of classical music and the piano combined with another field of art, be it folk music, literature, theatre or even sculpture; the more things we try, the more we see that the possibilities are infinite. That is, music is present everywhere and in everything.

Gabriella Bokor


Balázs Fülei

A pianist with Liszt Prize. He has more than thirty piano concertos in his repertoire, all the concertos of Beethoven, Brahms and Bartók among them. He was one of the most employed performers of the Liszt Memorial Year in 2011 and the Bartók Memorial Year in 2016. He has worked together with many Hungarian and foreign symphonic orchestras, he has given solo and orchestra concerts on stages like the Konzerthaus in Vienna, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Kioi Hall in Tokyo, the NCPA in Mumbai and the Carnegie Hall in New York where he debuted in 2008 with his solo recital. He has been in contact with several Hungarian composers, series of premieres and radio records have been connected to his name. His latest CD was released for Christmas in 2015, on which he plays pieces of Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy and András Gábor Virágh. He has been teaching at the Liszt Academy since 2012 and has been the Head of the Department of Chamber Music since 2015. He has given masterclasses in Israel, China, India and in the United States.

See his biography, concert calendar and photos at:  www.balazsfulei.com

Fülei Balázs


06 March 2019
Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert was given only thirty-one years to live, yet he might be the composer who has composed the largest number of imperishable works within the shortest period of time. Mostly, however, he did not receive any recognition; he was – with a few exceptions –  rejected by publishers, the jobs he had applied for were given to others and his efforts to conquer the theatres failed, too. 

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06 March 2019
Bartók and Szigeti

 „My first and most important concert” – wrote Bartók to a Swiss friend about the second concert of his second overseas tour on April 13th, 1940 in the Library of Congress in Washington played with József Szigeti who had already emigrated to the United States.

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06 March 2019
Balázs Fülei and Muzsikás Ensamble

The audience could already experience the unusual and exquisite joy of involving folk instruments in the performance of a Bartók’s piano work during the extraordinary production of the Muzsikás Ensemble and Balázs Fülei in the spring of 2017.

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11 February 2019
Auer Trio and Géza Hegedűs D.

Although not living in the same city, the four Mendelssohn siblings never lost contact with one another. 

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11 February 2019
Ignaz Schuppanzigh and Joseph Linke

During the early 1800s the young cellist, Joseph Linke and his violinist colleague, Ignaz Schuppanzigh were considered to be the most well-known musicians in Vienna.

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11 February 2019
Castellón de la Plana

In the Spanish city of Castellón de la Plana, the College of Music bearing the name of its founder, the composer Salvador Seguí was opened in 1998.

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17 January 2019
Fülei Balázs átveszi a díjat

Balázs Fülei has received the Artisjus award for his outstanding performing activities in the field of Hungarian contemporary music. In the category of classical music the prize was awarded to five performers. 

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17 January 2019
Marie von Erdődy

For the last evening of December in 1808 a large company of guests, even larger than usual, gathered at Countess Marie von Erdődy’s house in Krugerstrasse: in Vienna almost everybody was curious about Beethoven’s two new trios he had composed in the summer on the Florisdorf estate of his maecenas, the countess. The trios were to be premiered that night with two of his old friends: Joseph Linke, the cellist, and Ignaz Schuppanzigh, the violinist, from whom he was taking violin lessons himself.

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17 January 2019
Stories for Piano - Balázs Fülei

How many things can be told without words, by music only? What stories, what images can be conveyed by various pieces? 

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17 January 2019
Béla Bartók and József Szigeti

During the first weeks of 2019 the audience will have the opportunity to see again the production by the Auer Trio and Géza Hegedűs D. titled “Foursome with Mendelssohn” made for the Jewish Art Days 2018, performed only once. This time the performance will be held on February 2nd in the Óbudai Társaskör. 

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05 December 2018
Balázs Fülei and Muzsikás Ensemble

The joint concerts by Muzsikás Ensemble and Balázs Fülei are enriched with unique elements.

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