Auer Trio


Péter Kováts – violin

István Varga – cello

Balázs Fülei – piano


Finding partners in music, communicating with one another,  responding to the other musician's character and musicality – this is how Péter Kováts violin artist tersely summarized the essence of chamber music in an interview given during the summer of 2016. The idea of establishing a trio was also conceived in those days after the opening of the Auer Violin Festival where the three musicians had given a joint concert. They felt this setting would deserve more than just a single concert as playing together was such a positive and inspiring experience. The trio’s name was an evident choice. All the more so because Leopold Auer who has conquered the world with his violin was a legendary chamber musician as well and even Tchaikovsky wrote pieces for his trio.

Thus three musicians of different character and background have found their partners in music. However, these differences and their suggestive performing habitude only adds further enrichment to the harmony among them.

Downloadable images of the trio:


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