The statue of Beethoven

While the programme in the Palace of Arts will revive the young Beethoven, Balázs Fülei’s solo recital in Szeged on October 11th will evoke the mature composer in his early fifties.

In 1820 Beethoven concluded an agreement with his Berlin publisher, Adolf Martin Schlesinger, on composing three piano sonatas. The Piano Sonata in E major, dedicated to Euphrosine Kunigunde Brentano, was finished within a relatively short time. After that, however, he often felt sick and even when he was able to work, other pieces took most of his time, with the Missa Solemnis among them. In March of 1821 he wrote a letter to Schlesinger asking for some patience and promised to send the two pieces soon; in fact, he did not even begin working on them. The publisher received the Piano Sonata in A flat major and the Piano Sonata in C minor exactly a year later. After that Beethoven did not write more sonatas, that chapter was closed. 


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