Brahms and Mühlfeld

Richard Mühlfeld, the solo clarinetist of the Meiningen Court Orchestra, has „retrained” himself from violinist to clarinetist; what’s more, he was an autodidact.

The switch of the instruments was so successful that, according to his contemporaries, Mühlfeld was able to meld into one with his clarinet when playing the instrument. His art has impressed Brahms as well, and the composer was used to joke to call the musician –  a corpulent man with a thick black beard – ’Miss Clarinet’. Whether Mühlfeld was happy or not to hear his nickname, is unknown; it is a fact, however, that their encounter was decisive for posterity because as a result of their meeting Brahms changed his mind and did not stop composing as he planned in 1890. On the contrary, he has written several new pieces for the instrument. 
On September 22nd, the Sonata for Clarinet and Piano in E-flat major composed in Bad Ischl in 1894 will be revived by Balázs Rumy and Balázs Fülei in the Solti Hall of the Liszt Academy.

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