The idea of setting up a trio was conceived during the Auer Festival in 2016 when the three artists were playing together for the first time. 

Since then the Auer Trio has given numerous concerts and on August 1st – already for the fourth time since their formation – they will appearathe third  on the festival stage again in the Town Hall in Veszprém. This time Péter Kováts, István Varga and Balázs Fülei are going to play two pieces: the first will be Beethoven’s Piano Trio in B-flat major, also known as the ‘Archduke’  Trio dedicated by the composer to his friend and, at the same time, his favourite student, Archduke Rudolph. Public premiere was held on April 11th in 1814 in the very ritzy Viennese ‘Hotel to the Roman Emperor’ with Beethoven himself at the piano;  due to his progressed illness, it turned out to be his last public performance.  The other piece to be performed at the concert will be Dvořák’s Piano Trio in E minor, mostly referred to as the Dumky Trio. The trio featuring the motives of the characteristic Ukrainian dance, the dumka in six movements, was first performed in Prague in 1891, on the same evening when Dvořák was awarded a honorary doctorate by the Charles University. The piece was very well received, with fourty Czech and Moravian concert stages immediately expressing their intent to present the Dumky.

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During this year’s Auer Festival, Balázs Fülei will appear on stage with another formation, too: on August 3rd he will give a concert in the Piarist Church in Veszprém with Ágnes Langer, the violinist who has studied in Germany and has won a prize of the Bartók World Competition in 2017. They are going to play pieces by Janáček, Grieg and Gershwin as well as the Rhapsody No. 1 for Violin and Piano by Bartók. The piece was written in 1928 and was dedicated by Bartók to his beloved chamber music partner, József Szigeti, with whom they were playing together on many stages between 1927 and 1941.  

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