The childhood of the Mendelssohn siblings was spent not just in a vibrant intellectual environment – at the age of twelve Felix was already introduced to Goethe – but emotional bonds were also very strong within the family.

The children were following this pattern in their lives as well; the bonds between them remained strong even after having their own families. Felix, though having five children, always found time to report on even the smallest details to his elder sister, Fanny, also a gifted musician; to his little sister, Beckchen and to his younger brother, Paul. Felix was writing about concerts, travels, family events, he was sharing all his trivial or philosophical ideas he was interested in at a given moment. During the evening with the Auer Trio and Géza Hegedűs D. – this time to be enjoyed by the audience of the Zemplén Festival in the Reformed College of Sárospatak – these family letters will be read between the movements of the two trios included in the programme: the Piano Trio in D minor and the Piano Trio in C minor. 

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