Who pays me best shall get my works  – wrote Haydn, a rather talented businessman as well, to his publisher.

His negotiation technique proved to be successful. His piano trios were particularly highly appreciated; according to an invoice issued in 1789, Breitkopf paid 315 guineas to the composer for six piano trios while six piano sonatas cost the publisher 270 guineas – also a rather significant fee at the time. From Haydn’s piano trios the Trio in D minor was chosen by the teachers of the Echo Summer Academy: Péter Kováts, István Varga and Balázs Fülei to be the opening piece for the concert to be held in the Károlyi Castle in Fehérvárcsurgó on August 11th.  Besides the Haydn’s Trio, a trio by Mendelssohn and a trio by Dvořák are also included in the programme of the concert by which the masterclass, already arranged for the fourth time, will begin.

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