On May 25th of 1854 Clara Schumann wrote a desperate entry in her diary: Liszt had sent her his new piece, the Sonata in B minor on that day and she thought it was simply horrible. On top of all that, she even had to thank Liszt for that terrible gift!

 Even decades later, the Sonata in B minor did not enjoy a truly positive welcome. When the Italian piano virtuoso, Ferruccio Busoni included the sonata in his programme in 1900, the audience and the critics got outraged as well. Later Bartók also admitted his initial aversion to playing this piece but he was so much interested in its technical challenges, piano technique and overcoming its difficulties that „slowly he began to like it, even if not without reservations”. On April 22nd in the upcoming concert of the Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra within their series titled „Understandable Music” in the Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy Balázs Fülei will play the Sonata in B minor. Prior to the concert Gábor Hollerung will talk about the work.

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