This piece presumably was inspired by Watteau’s painting titled The Embarkation for Cythera. According to mythology this Greek island is the birthplace of Aphrodite and has become famous as the island of eternal spring and happiness.

This piece was composed by Debussy in 1903 and then completely reworked in 1904 on the island of Jersey; thus, aspects of his private life cannot be exluded either. The composer arrived to Jersey for a romantic journey, namely with Emma Bardac, a banker’s music lover wife whose son had been his piano student. Their relationship became public in 1904 and they were hiding for a while on Jersey to escape from the inconveniences of divorce and the anger of their families and friends. At Balázs Fülei’s solo recital on December 1st at the Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria this piece will introduce – beyond Miroirs by Ravel and Prélude, choral and fugue by César Franck  – Balázs Fülei’s concert series focussing on French composers throughout the year.

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