„….Then we played the sonata again in front of this truly sophisticated company. Ravel was sitting on my right and was turning the pages for me while Milhaud, on my left, was looking at the score. As for the sonata, they have said that ’c’est une merveille’ and it is the most beautiful violin sonata for the last do not know how many years – the French, of course, are a bit too generous with compliments.”

 – tells Béla Bartók in one of his letter from Paris written to his wife, Ditta Pásztory. The play titled Viva Bartók, first performed in September amid huge interest, presenting Bartók’s letters and piano works by András Bálint and Balázs Fülei will be on the programme again on November 15th and December 9th at the Radnóti Theatre.

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