Balazs Fülei

In October of 2017, within the framework of the the series of the Palace of Arts, Balázs Fülei presented various aspects, beyond passion, influencing his joint life with the piano.

  In that extraordinarily exciting performance he introduced himself as a soloist, a chamber musician, a teacher and a private person as well; together with his guests invited to the programme, colleagues, students and friends creating in other genres of art – for instance, with Mihály Sipos, the primate of Muzsikás Folk Ensemble – showed us many opportunities, roads and directions starting from the piano. In this programme the audience also could see, for the first time, the joint performance of Balázs Fülei and Botond Polgár, sculptor, where a sculpture was made and a composition – in this case, Liszt’s Sposalizio –  was played on the piano, at the same time and in the same rhythm. 
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