Brahms Clara temetése után

One of the sights of the Sárvár Castle is the Great Hall, famous for its beautiful ceiling frescoes, built by Ferenc Nádasdy III, a judge royal executed for his participation in the Wesselényi Conspiracy.

This Hall will be the venue of the concert by the Auer Trio on March 22nd, with a piece by Haydn and a piece by Tchaikovsky included in their programme: Haydn’s Piano Trio in G Major composed in 1795, also known as the Gypsy Rondo and Tchaikovsky’s Piano Trio in A minor which the composer began to write at the end of 1881 while painfully grieving the death of his close friend, Nicolai Rubinstein, the pianist. 

The Great Hall of the Nádasdy Castle in Sárvár

In March the Auer Trio will also give a concert at another famous historical venue, the Grassalkovich Castle in Gödöllő. On March 13th, among other works, the audience will have the opportunity to listen to Beethoven’s Piano Trio in B flat Major dedicated to the composer’s friend and, at the same time, favourite student, to Archduke Rudolph. 

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